Satellite TV

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Get the ultimate TV experience wherever you live
…with America’s #1 Satellite TV provider.

Go WIRELESS and say goodbye to cable. All your HD dreams can come true! More than 195 full-time HD channels right at your fingertips.


NEVER SEE THE CLUTTER OF CABLE WIRES AND BOXES AGAIN. DIRECTV eliminates messy cable wires and boxes, so you can enjoy a full HD DVR experience on every TV without seeing clutter in every room!

DIRECTV GIVES YOU THE FREEDOM TO MOVE YOUR TV ANYWHERE. Don’t let the cable outlet dictate where your TV goes. You can move your TV anywhere within a room, to another room, or even outside.

CONNECT MULTIPLE TVs WIRELESSLY TO ONE HD DVR. You can record, pause and rewind live TV, plus fast-forward and delete pre-recorded shows from any room. You can even start watching in one room and finish in another.

NO MORE CONFLICTS. Record five shows at once, all on one HD DVR. Store up to 200 hours in crystal clear HD and get endless hours of entertainment. Connect every TV in your home — from the bedroom to the basement. With DIRECTV’s Genie, never miss your favorite dramas again!

Genie Mini grants your wishes!

No more searching. Tell Genie your favorite sports teams and find all of their games in one convenient location. Use Genie’s Picture-in-Picture to watch two shows one screen. But wait, there’s more…never miss a moment! Watch, record, pause, rewind, and delete shows in any room of your home from one Genie HD DVR.

It’s no wonder why Directv is the best in entertainment and tech!